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The Job of EKG Technicians and Their Salary

The services of a variety of technicians and professionals are vital to the function and effectiveness of any healthcare facility. That said, these facilities will need all the manpower that they can get. But then, the demand for certain jobs in the industry differs, and each one is compensated differently too. If you plan to become an EKG technician, you can expect your salary to be a bit lower than other healthcare professional positions. Your salary should not be a hindrance of taking this job, though, if you find cardiovascular monitoring interesting. Again, having a job is better than not having a job at all, especially during these trying times. And the healthcare industry is one of the best places to get a stable job during these tough times. Though EKG technician salary is not similar to other medical professionals, you get the benefit of job security. Also, you gain more from being an EKG technician than just the salary.

EKG technicians go through certain training to perform electrocardiographic tests on patients. However, performing these tasks is now something that medical assistants and nursing students. It is not surprising why a lot of EKG technicians are getting reduced job opportunities. The job of these technicians begins with placing some electrodes on the person’s chest, legs, and arms. The doctor will proceed to read the printed report and interpret the cardiovascular health of the patient. It will be the job of the EKG technician, on the other hand, to make sure that all electrodes are properly positioned in the body and that all necessary equipment is functioning according to standards.

Each year, the average EKG technician salary ranges from $24,000 to $26,000. Usually, when EKG technicians train for the job, the sessions are part of the job. Anyone with a high school diploma or a GED equivalent can get this training certificate. You can get these training courses from technical institutes and community colleges. If you enroll in a vocational program, the period of time it will take you is between two and four months. If you enroll in specializations, you can get higher wages after completing the program.

An EKG technician that specializes in various disciplines of the filed like stress testing and Holter monitoring is on demand for cardiologists. These are variations on regular EKGs. Most of the time, long-term care and monitoring are essential. That’s why these things require higher certifications on the part of the EKG technician. When you are certified in these areas of EKG, you will get more job opportunities in the healthcare industry. If EKG technicians specialize in various areas, you have higher EKG technician salary expectation like what you can expect from other jobs in the medical field.

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